2 Kallang Pudding Road, Mactech Building, #06-01,  Singapore 349307

Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm


At STUCK, we make *hit happen.

We're a jolly team that designs products and user interfaces that are beautiful, surprising, understandable, usable, and producible.

We’ve helped companies create cutting-edge products, user interfaces, and branding. Our multidisciplinary team works across physical product design, UI/UX, interaction design, app design and development, innovation, ethnographic research, graphics, and branding.

* Our past hits include successful business and design innovation for Samsung, Dell, Air+ Smart Mask, Zensorium Tinké, Pearlie White, Champs & 707 etc.


Capabilities, Since 2010

Product Design Development & Innovation

Branding & Graphics Design

App + Web UI/UX Design and Development

Space, Interiors, and Service Concepts 


Why Stuckshop?
Because we'd like to sell things that we'd want to buy ourselves.

Our work keeps us at the forefront of design and imagination, enabling us to create objects that delight the human spirit. At the same time, this continually sharpens our resourcefulness for manufacturing and materials. We leverage these ingredients so that we can make lovely objects for you.


find us at www.stuck.sg or www.facebook.com/stuckdesign